Art Program Assessment

A complete review of art program content for both children and/or adults based on organizational goals and individual objectives. Recommendations for successful completion of goals and objectives made in writing and advisement and consultations of same provided.


Group engagement in intensive discussion with tangible experience regarding particular fine arts issues, concerns, and projects based on client needs as identified by client.



Working with others to create artistic experiences, products, and behavioral outcomes, crossing genres such as art, music, dance, poetry, etc. Rate based on genre and number of participants. Other costs may be considered based on project needs.

Portfolio Review

This service allows you the opportunity to reflect on your artistic development, obtain structured feedback, and exchange information about you and your creative practice to inform next steps or directions in your development as an artist/designer.


Rental of Art Works

Original art works may be rented for special events and occasions, such staging for model homes, businesses, and social events. Rate is based on size of facility, number of works, fair market value of each work, length of lease, as well as delivery, curating, and pick-up of works.


Studio Visit

Preview of works that may not have been exhibited publicly and review of the artist process of particular works by appointment only and for intended purchases.


Curation of Works

This includes the wiring and hanging of art works for exhibition, special events, commercial, private, real estate staging, etc. Rate depends on size of space, number of works and size of works.


Commission of Works

Works may be commissioned. Must be negotiated with artist. Rate depends on time, supplies, original concepts, and size of work, as well as the client added customizations.


Art Talk

Artist discusses particular aspects of creations, as well as that of other artists, collaborations, projects, and topics based on clients request.



Works will be available for gallery exhibitions by request for submission. A brief description will be provided of the available works for exhibition. A minimum of 10 works would be provided along with titles, dimensions, and media type. Artist may consider sharing a show. Exhibit must run a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Gallery should be appropriately insured to protect work if damaged. Works will generally be framed and wired for curating, others may not depending on artist’s desire for how work is exhibited.

Exhibition agreement form must be completed. Gallery will be responsible for installing labeling and taking down show. Gallery will be responsible for the delivery and pick-up of works. Gallery will be responsible for promoting the exhibition. Artist will be available for single one hour “gallery talk” at the opening of the exhibit.

Artwork at the exhibition may only be purchased between the gallery and the buyer, gallery receiving 40% of purchase price, artist receiving 60%. Sold works can remain until the end of exhibition. Gallery will be responsible for shipping to buyer.


Original Works for Purchase

Client views and selects works of their choice. Price list will be available for all works shown. BFA will provide payment plans (up to 3 per transaction) for qualified buyers.

Prices may vary according to specific service requests.

Please click below to complete a request form. You will be contacted via email or telephone by a Barlow Fine Arts representative within seven days after receipt.