Barlow began his art career, while growing up in Gary, Indiana, under the guidance of his steelworker father and homemaker mother. He became fascinated with what he could do with pads of paper, pencils and coloured mediums that his father constantly provided, after realizing his son’s interest and talent. He began creating forms and shapes on paper and connecting lines to make impressive images as a preschooler. Barlow’s first professional experience as an artist was painting backdrops for a local photographer. As he states, “Art is a Divine calling on my life!”

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Indiana University, he acquired a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He has also studied Visual Arts in Florence, Italy, and the West Indies. He has visited art museums in Africa, Mexico, as well as most others across the nation. Barlow continues to express his artistic language as an Image-maker, Creative and Educator. He believes the arts require a lifetime to master and that learning  must continue throughout our lifetime! He also reserves time to engage multi-aged, multi-ethnic students in the creative process of the visual arts. His intriguing image/language art-making  creations span an artistic range which includes portraiture, landscapes, abstracts, realism, and mixed media collages. His creative practices explores the relationships of a number of political, sociological, and environmental challenges in our world today. As you visit this website, you are certain to engage and also recognize various narratives in the content of his work. His provisional painting signature share neither style nor content, neither techniques, but rather a profound willingness to suspend closure, to leave painting open and be fearless! ENJOY!