Welcome to Barlow Fine Arts, “barlowmfa.com”!

Enjoy the intrinsic stimulation of what has come to be known as, “Barlowism”.  Using a generous ratio of color, design, and sculpted thought, “Barlow” the well-known moniker of Mr. Barlow, creates uncompromising visual experiences.  You are invited to immerse yourself into an exceptional artistic journey.

Most recently, as a result of national travel and unique professional experiences such as  Fine Arts Higher Education Initiatives at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago and Columbia College, Chicago, as well as previous participation in “Violent Injury Prevention Arts Programs”, Barlow has chosen to share his creative insights through works of landscapes, abstracts, and mixed-media collages.  ENJOY!


Our sincere condolences for the lives lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Contact us at info@barlowmfa.net, see more artwork on IG follow us @barlowmfa


Barlow is a visual artists noted in the art world for his gifted perceptions and enormous artistic range.  He creates abstract, landscape, portraiture, and figurative works using color from the serene to the  most explosive hues.  Thematically, Barlow’s works represent issues of social justice and environmental consciousness.  These elements have evolved into a concept of “Barlowism”.  It shares neither style nor content, nor materials, nor techniques.  However, “Barlowism” shares a rather  profound willingness to suspend closure of the creative process, and leave the language of  painting open.

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mixed media collage
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